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The UHC Hurricanes Marksmanship Program uses individual and team shooting sports to help develop the skills of commitment, discipline, focus, respect, responsibility, safety, sportsmanship, teamwork, and a strong work ethic from a Christ-centered worldview in the lives of our youth members.

September - May
Practices are not mandatory, but open for you to participate as much as possible on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30pm, and one Friday evening per month, 6-8pm.  Optional Shotgun practice is on the 2nd and 4th Sunday afternoon 1:30-4:30.  Hurricanes will receive a SharpShooters Range membership good for an individual or family, and only valid Sept-May on weekday. 
Match competitions typically are scheduled on Saturdays.  

High School grades 9-12 boys and girls
Middle School grades 7-8 boys and girls
Elementary School grades 5-6 boys and girls


Depending on the discipline selected, Match competitions and Individual qualifications will use the following:
.177 Air Rifle, .22 Rimfire Rifle, .22 Rimfire Pistol, 9mm Pistol, and your choice of an over/under or semi auto Shotgun in either 12 or 20 guage. The Team has a limited number of guns available for use.  It is recommended that you eventually use your own gun at practices and matches.

Each student must successfully complete the NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course administered by our NRA Certified Firearm Instructor.
This course teaches basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe use of a rifle in target shooting.  After classroom instruction, students receive practical shooting experience on the range in the following shooting positions:  Bench Rest, Prone, Sitting, Standing, and Kneeling.  Upon completion, the student earns a certificate in Basic Practical Rifle and becomes qualified to pursue further Individual Achievement Levels.  Course completion also qualifies the student to join the Hurricanes Marksmanship Team. 


Bio for Program Manager Vic Seiter - Vic Seiter is a former police officer, NRA certified Rifle and Pistol Instructor, SASP certified Pistol Coach, NRA certified Rifle Coach, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, GSSF Range Officer, and a Certified Shotgun Coach with SC DNR, SCYSF, and SCTP.  Vic is the Director of Training and Development for SharpShooters Indoor Range in Greenville, SC, helping churches with risk evaluations and trains church security teams how to respond to difficult circumstances.  He has worked in the Planning Departments for Greenville County and the GC School District. He has served his community widely as a Boy Scout den leader, ESL literacy instructor, soccer coach, Bible Study Fellowship group leader and local businessman. He is a lifelong shooting enthusiast having been extensively trained by his father, an award-winning shooter and captain of the Citadel Rifle team. He and his wife Maylin are active in their church. His son, Jacob, has been one of our Hurricane Archers for the past 4 years. 


Why Marksmanship?

Hurricane Athletics offer fantastic opportunities to Upstate students interested in sports.  Whether scoring a touchdown or a goal, shooting a basket or a bow, hitting a ball or a mark, running a race or a routine, there are many advantages to participating in team and individual sports.

The Marksmanship team is no exception when considering the benefits of sports.  Not all sports use a ball, but they can have a goal to reach, a point to score, a target to aim at, or a time to beat.  A Hurricane Marksmanship team member practices to develop skills and character, exercise control, and learn the safe use of our rifles.  Shooting Sports help develop certain qualities that can carry over into other settings and relationships throughout the athlete's life.

Here's a short list of the benefits of Marksmanship, but you may think of even more:

* Responsibility
* Friendships
* Social interaction
* Respect
* Self control
* Admiration and appreciation for others
* Camaraderie
* Cooperation
* Overcoming adversity
* Working together
* Focus, accuracy, concentration
* Leadership
* Setting and reaching goals

We work together as a team, compiling individual scores to reach a team score at matches.  We encourage each other to do well and improve as a team.  

Individual target scores are recorded at every practice to reach various levels of skill qualification set by the NRA to earn multiple awards ranging from Pro Marksman to Distinguished Expert.

Concentration is required and self control is essential.  The bullseye on a paper target is the same size as the air rifle pellet ( .177 inches or 4.5 mm ). An individual practices to hit the bullseye, 10 meters down range.  

With the small bore Rimfire rifle, a bullet ( .22 inches or 5.5 mm ) is shot from a distance of 50 ft and also has a bullseye the size of the bullet.  The shooters must  focus on several things all at once, disciplining themselves to do well.  Body movement must be minimized, creating a stationary rest for the rifle.  Breathing must be controlled.  A disciplined touch of the finger on the trigger, slowly squeezed is important.  Using your dominant eye to take aim at the bullseye and using both front and rear sights all perfectly aligned throughout the entire shooting process makes this sport challenging and fun.

Students go through days of training and testing to pass the NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Safety Course that teaches the athlete to never be around a gun unless a responsible adult is present.  When responsible, trained adults are supervising shooting activities, the marksmanship team upholds mandatory rules. 

* Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.
* Always keep your gun unloaded until instructed to fire in a safe direction.
* Always treat every gun as if it were loaded. 
* Always keep your finger off the trigger until instructed to shoot at the target.

We are a "Cold Range" meaning we keep all firearms cased and unloaded with safetys on and actions open until instructed to uncase, load and make ready only at the firing line.  Handling of any gun is prohibited until Range Safety Officers verify targets, what is beyond the target, confirm empty gun chambers and make sure eye/ear protection is on everyone.  Safe handling areas are designated for cased, empty guns to enter.  As guns are uncased in these designated areas, an RSO will verify empty as the handler also confirms empty.  Ammunition is prohibited in these areas.  Function tests, cleaning, and take-down/reassemble activities may be performed only in a designated Safe Handling Area supervised by an RSO.

Multiple parents have become trained and certified NRA Range Safety Officers to oversee the Marksmanship team during practices.  Team members help each other follow the safe use and handling guidelines they've agreed to keep by demonstration and verbal reminders.  

Why not consider the Marksmanship Team and take advantage of an opportunity to learn more about safe Shooting Sports to develop individual skills and qualities that will last a lifetime.

Vic Seiter, Program Manager 
Greenville Hurricane Marksmanship

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